Population control can be the solution of many problems in India

India is going through a transition phase. Poverty, unemployment, poor health, etc. are some major problems in the country. Most of these problems are repercussion of the dire unaddressed problem of overpopulation. Ideally, population control should be the hottest topic in the country right now but unfortunately it is not so because of it being a sensitive issue.

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Unemployment was a major issue at which the opposition fought the 2019 general elections. To be honest unemployment will always be a problem in India no matter which party is in power. When there is such a huge population and that too of the younger people no number of jobs is sufficient. However I do believe that the government job vacancies have become less after 2014.

While job creation is one way to deal with unemployment, it is not a permanent solution in a country like India with a rapidly rising population. If the incumbent government really wants to fight unemployment they need to get serious on population control. Only then unemployment can be minimalised in coming decades.


If we talk about the healthcare, the condition is not very good. India is not able to spend a huge chunk of its budget on healthcare as majority of it is spent in sustaining a humongous population and ofcourse defence. According to World Bank. there are only 0.8 doctors per 1000 people in India (2017 data). If you walk down a normal Indian street it is not difficult to find a doctor, but the population is so large that the ratio becomes low. Try visiting a government city hospital, you will find how much load a doctor goes through.


Another major problem is of poverty. Surprisingly, the world poverty clock shows less than 3 percent of India living in poverty. Well, the percentage of people living in poverty can change with how you define poverty. The best way to find out how the living standards of people in a country are is by looking at GDP per capita. India ranks 119 in the world when it comes to GDP per capita (2017 data). This reflects on the living standards of majority Indians. If the population would have been lower, the GDP per capital would have been much higher.

Population control

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Which is the third most populous country?

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Overpopulation is not only a root cause of many different problems but is also killing the efforts of the government to provide a stable lifestyle to people. There is mismanagement and chaos in every field. Tell me what is the probability of you getting a railway ticket from Delhi to Mumbai two days before journey date? Tell me when was the last time you did not have to stand in a long queue in a bank just to get your passbook updated?

India sits at number 140 in the list of happiest countries (2019 report). If there had not been a population explosion in India, I’m pretty sure India would have been among the happiest countries. Imagine Delhi having half of its current population, it’d be a great city to live in.

There have been some news that the government is working on a population control bill. It is high time that the bill should come. India cannot tolerate even more population. We do not have enough food to feed the excess population. We do not have enough doctors. There aren’t enough resources. If we are somehow able to control the population around 1.3 to 1.4 billion mark, majority of the problems will recede automatically.

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Answer to quick question

USA is the third most populous country with a population of over 300 million.

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