10 basic facts about Mars everyone should know

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.

Mars is the second smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury.

Mars is a terrestrial planet like Earth (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are terrestrial planets while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are gas giants).

Mars is the fourth brightest object in the Earth's night sky.

Mars has two irregular shaped Moons - Phobos and Deimos. 

Mars also has Polar ice caps like Earth.

The average temperature on Mars is very low, about -63 degrees Celsius (-81.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Mars appear reddish because its surface contains a lot of Iron oxides. 

If you Weigh 100 N on Earth, you will weigh 38 N on Mars.

One day on Mars is 24 hours and 37 minutes long. One year on Mars is equal to about 687 Earth Days.