10 fun facts about Florida

Florida is the third largest state in the US after California and Texas by population. Population - 21.5 million

Capital - Tallahassee Population - about 196,000

Majority of oranges in the US are produced in Florida.

Florida is the flattest state in the US. The highest point in Florida (Britton Hill) is just 345 ft (105 meters).

Most populous city - Jacksonville Population - about 950,000

Statehood - 3 March 1845

Miami is the most popular city in Florida. However, it is not the capital nor the most populous city in Florida. Population - about 440,000

Florida has the longest coastline in the contiguous US.

The Everglades National Park in Florida is the largest tropical wilderness in the US. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Because of the tropical and subtropical climate zones, there are hundreds of species of flora and fauna in Florida. To name a few, American alligator, Florida Panther, and American crocodile.

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