Alaska vs Hawaii - US states comparison

Alaska and Hawaii are the two states that are not part of the Contiguous United States.

Hawaii is among the smaller US states. Its area is 10,930 square miles (28,310 km²).


Alaska on the other hand is the largest US state. Its area is around 665,400 square miles (1.72 million km²).


Capital City - Juneau


Largest City - Anchorage

Largest City - Honolulu

Capital City - Honolulu


Alaska became a state of the US on January 3, 1959. Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959.

Alaska - Denali (20,310 ft/6,190 m) Hawaii - Mauna Kea (4,207.3 m/13,803 ft)

Highest mountain

Alaska is famous for its mountain ranges, wildlife, national parks, and native culture.

Hawaii is known for its beaches, food, volcanoes, and native Hawaiian culture.

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