Anaconda (Green anaconda) vs Indian Python - a comparison

Both Green Anaconda and Indian Python are constrictor snakes i.e., they kill their prey through constriction.


Large Green Anacondas can reach a length beyond 5 meters (16 ft).


Indian Pythons are typically 3 to 4 meters in length.


Green Anacondas are the heaviest of all snakes. Large ones can weigh over 100 kg.


Large Indian Pythons can weigh over 50 kg.

Green Anaconda is a "boa" species. Indian Python as the name says is a "python" species.


Green Anaconda is found in South America primarily in the jungles of Amazon.


Indian Pythons are found in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and rarely in some southeast Asian countries.


Green Anaconda preys on birds, deer, capybaras, tapirs, caimans, etc. Indian Pythons primarily eat small mammals and birds.

Scientific name

Green Anaconda - Eunectes murinus Indian Python - Python molurus

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