Arizona state profile - fun facts about the state

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the US in terms of area and 14th largest in terms of population.

Area - about 114,000 square miles (295,000 square kilometers)

Population - about 7.2 million

Arizona became the 48th state of the US on February 14, 1912.

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona.

Capital and Largest city - Phoenix

Top 3 largest cities 1. Phoenix 2. Tucson 3. Mesa

State tree

Palo Verde

State bird

Cactus wren

State mammal


Arizona has one of the highest Native American populations in the country.

There are three National Parks in Arizona - Grand Canyon National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, and Saguaro National Park.

Highest point in Arizona - Humphreys Peak (12,637 ft/3,852 meters)

Arizona is also known as the "Grand Canyon State".

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