Famous bridges in the United States

Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate bridge is probably the most famous bridge in the United States. It connects San Francisco to Marin County in California.

Build over the Golden Gate strait, the Golden Gate bridge has a total length of about 1.7 miles/2.7 km long. Length - about 1.7 miles/2.7 km Opened to traffic - May 27, 1937

Brooklyn bridge

The most iconic bridge in New York City, the brooklyn bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn bridge is built over the East river and it is one of the oldest still operating bridges in the United States. Length - about 1.1 miles/1.8 km Opened to traffic - May 24, 1883 

Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge connects Little Duck Key to Knights Key in Florida.

The bridge is one of the longest in the world and has 2 lanes of traffic. Length - 6.765 miles/10.9 km Opened to traffic - May 24, 1982

Mackinac Bridge

Also known as Mighty Mac, the famous Mackinac Bridge is 5 miles long.

The bridge is built over the Straits of Mackinac and it connects the city of St. Ignace to Mackinaw city in Michigan state. Length - about 5 miles/8 km Opened to traffic - November 1, 1957

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest bridge in the United States.

Built over the Royal Gorge, the bridge has a height of about 290 meters over the Arkansas River. Length - 384 meters Opened to traffic - December 8, 1929

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