10 fun facts about the Everglades National Park of Florida

Everglades National Park is huge. It covers an area of 1.5 million acres.

It is the third biggest National Park in the contiguous United States after Death Valley National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Everglades National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is the only place in America where American alligators and American crocodiles coexist in the wild.

Number of visitors  810,189 (2023)

Florida black bear is the largest land mammal in the Everglades.

Established  6 December 1947

The Burmese Python is an invasive snake species in the Everglades. These big pythons can grow over 15 ft in length.

Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

American Alligator, American Crocodile, Banded Water Snake, Florida Cottonmouth, Virginia Opossum, River Otter, Wood Stork, Roseate Spoonbill, Anhinga, etc.