Jupiter is now the planet with most Moons

With the discovery of 12 new moons, Jupiter has now become the planet with the most moons.

Jupiter now has 92 known moons.

Previously Saturn held the title with 83 moons. Number of known moons - Jupiter - 92 Saturn - 83 Uranus - 27 Neptune - 14

The largest moon of Jupiter is Ganymede which is also the largest moon in our solar system.



Ganymede is even larger in diameter than Mercury.


Callisto, Jupiter's seond largest moon

The second largest moon in the solar system is Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

Titan is also larger in diameter than Mercury.

Because of the advancement in telescopic technologies, we will see new moons being discovered every now and then.

Io, the third largest moon of Jupiter


It is speculated that Saturn has many undiscovered moons, Saturn may once again regain the title of the planet with most moons in the future.

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