Kansas vs Oklahoma - US state comparison


Kansas is the 15th largest while Oklahoma is the 20th largest state in the US.


Kansas - close to 3 million (2022) Oklahoma - over 4 million (2022)


Kansas - the sunflower state, the wheat state, the free state Oklahoma - the sooner state

Kansas became a state of the US in 1861 (as the 34th state). Oklahoma became a state of the US in 1907 (as the 46th state).

Kansas - Mount Sunflower (4,039 ft/1,231 meters) Oklahoma - Black Mesa (4,975 ft/1,516 meters)

Highest natural point


Kansas - Topeka Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

Largest city

Kansas - Wichita Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

KANSAS State tree - Eastern cottonwood State animal - American bison State bird - Western meadowlark State reptile - Ornate box turtle

OKLAHOMA State tree - Redbud State mammal - American bison State bird - Scissor-tailed flycatcher State reptile - Collared lizard

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