Let's learn about Brown bears | subspecies | best places to see

Brown bear is a bear species found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Binomial name - Ursus arctos

Brown bear is the second largest land carnivoran after the Polar bear.

Average lifespan - 20 to 30 years

The largest brown bear subspecies is the Kodiak bear. It is found on the Kodiak island (and some nearby islands) in Alaska. Kodiak bears can weigh upto 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms).

The Grizzly bear is probably the most famous among the brown bear subspecies. Large Grizzly bears weigh 600 to 800 lbs (272 to 362 kilograms).

Most brown bear subspecies in Europe and Asia are endangered.

The famous Himalayan brown bear is critically endangered.

Brown bears are omnivores meaning they eat a variety of food from meat to tree bark to fruits and flowers.

Most brown bears hibernate in the winters. The hibernation period is more in the colder regions.

Some of the best places to see the Brown bear are - Denali National Park (USA), Katmai National Park and Preserve (USA), Kronotsky Nature Reserve (Russia), etc.

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