Top 8 Tiger reserves in India with most Tigers

The numbers are from the status of tigers report (2022) by National Tiger Conservation Authority of India


The famous Kaziranga Tiger reserve located in the state of Assam is home to estimated 104 Tigers. 

Kaziranga Tiger reserve


There are around 105 Tigers in Kanha Tiger Reserve located in the southeastern Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha Tiger Reserve


Estimated number of Tigers in the Mudumalai Tiger reserve of Tamil Nadu - 114

Mudumalai Tiger reserve


The Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve is known for its high population density of Tigers. Around 135 Tigers roar in Bandhavgarh.

Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve


There are estimated 135 Tigers in the Dudhwa Tiger reserve located in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh. 

Dudhwa Tiger reserve 


Estimated number of Tigers in the Nagarhole Tiger reserve of Karnataka - 141

Nagarhole Tiger reserve


Bandipur Tiger reserve of Karnataka take the number 2 spot on this list with 150 Tigers.

Bandipur Tiger reserve


Coming at number 1 as no surprise, Corbett Tiger Reserve of Uttarakhand is home to estimated 260 Tigers.

Corbett Tiger reserve