USA is the third largest country in the world by area.  Area of USA - 9.83 million square kilometers

Canada is the second largest country in the world by area.  Area of Canada - about 10 million square kilometers

Population of USA - about 333 million (2022)

Population of Canada - about 40 million (2023)

Capital of USA - Washington, D.C. Largest City in USA - New York City

Capital of Canada - Ottawa  Largest City in Canada - Toronto

US-Canada border length - about 8,890 kilometers/5,525 miles  US-Canada border is the longest border in the world.

the oak tree

National Tree


National bird

National mammal

Bald Eagle

American Bison

the maple tree

National Tree


National Animal

National Sport

North American beaver and Canadian horse

Ice Hockey and lacrosse

Most popular sports in USA American football, baseball, and basketball

Most popular sports in Canada Ice Hockey and lacrosse

Highest mountain peak  USA - Denali 20,310 ft/6,190 meters  Canada - Mount Logan 19,551 ft/5,959 meters

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