Yellowstone National Park vs Glacier National Park


Yellowstone National Park is more than twice as big as Glacier National Park. Yellowstone - 3,472 square miles (8,991 square kilometers) Glacier - 1,583.3 square miles (4,100.77 square kilometers)


Yellowstone National Park - 1872 Glacier National Park - 1910

Both Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks have Brown as well as black bears.


Yellowstone - 3.29 million (2022) (7th most visited National Park in the US) Glacier - 2.91 million (2022) (10th most visited National Park in the US)

Yellowstone National Park was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage site list in 1978. Glacier National Park combined with Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site (inscribed in the list in 1995).

large animals

Yellowstone - Grizzly bear, Gray Wolf, American Bison, Moose, etc Glacier - Grizzly bear, black bear, Elk, Bighorn sheep, Cougar, etc

Highest mountain peak

Yellowstone National Park - Eagle Peak (11,372 ft/3,466 m) Glacier National Park - Mount Cleveland (10,479 ft/3,194 meters)

Largest lake inside Yellowstone National Park - Yellowstone Lake (132 square miles) Largest lake inside Glacier National Park - Lake McDonald (10.7 square miles)


Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana Glacier National Park - Montana

Both National Parks have beautiful trekking routes.

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