9 Country flags with Eagles

A country flag is a piece of cloth or other material that represents a nation. It usually has a distinctive design, color, or symbol that identifies the country and its people. The following are the 9 country flags that have eagles on them.

9 Country flags with Eagles


Flag of Mexico

The flag of Mexico features the Coat of arms of Mexico that has a Golden eagle eating a rattlesnake, sitting on prickly pear cactus.


The flag of Kazakhstan shows a flying Steppe eagle.


The Eagle shown in the Egyptian flag is known as Eagle of Saladin.


The flag of Albania shows a heraldic black double-headed eagle in the center.


The flag of Zambia shows an orange-colored flying African fish eagle.


The flag of Zimbabwe shows the Zimbabwe bird which is probably a bateleur eagle or an African fish eagle.


The flag of Serbia also features a heraldic double-headed eagle known as Serbian eagle.


The flag of Moldova shows an eagle holding the cross.


The flag of Montenegro shows the Coat of arms of Montenegro that has a golden crowned double-headed eagle.

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