3 reasons why Ayodhya will become the most visited city in India

After the inauguration of Ram Temple, Ayodhya is set to host a large amount of tourists from different parts of India and around the world. Ayodhya will most likely become the most visited city in India. Here are 3 reasons why.

3 reasons why Ayodhya will become the most visited city in India

Better connectivity and infrastructure development

The government has done a great job of connecting the city with different parts of India via railways, roads, and flights. The city has undergone a tremendous makeover. Unlike other religious cities, Ayodhya is developed keeping in mind the tourist influx.

The newly developed Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya is already handling direct flights from many major cities. The number of trains stopping at Ayodhya Juction have been increased. The road connectivity was anyways very good. The city roads have been widened and proper footpaths are constructed. The security arrangements are also top-notch.

People want to see Ram Temple

There is no one denying the fact that people following the Hindu religion are ecstatic about the new Ram Temple. Most Hindus would want to visit the temple atleast once in their lifetime.

In 2022, more than 2 crore people visited Ayodhya. According to UP chief minister, tourism numbers in Ayodhya will increase 10 times because of Ram Temple. The city should get 20 crore tourists in 2024, more than 5 lakh tourists daily.

Uttar Pradesh is a tourism hotspot anyways

Millions of tourists visit Uttar Pradesh every year. In terms of domestic tourism, UP always ranks in top 2. Tourists visiting other famous sites in UP would want to visit the “New Ayodhya” thereby increasing tourism numbers. Moreover, there is Mahakumbh taking place in Prayagraj next year. Uttar Pradesh is set to get huge benefits from tourism in the upcoming years which is a very positive thing.

  • Domestic tourist visits in UP in 2022 – 31.8 crores
  • Foreign tourist visits in UP in 2022 – 6.5 lakhs

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