Similar looking country flags | Flags that confuse you

Every country flag has a distinctive design. There are some flags however that look similar and might confuse you. The following is a compilation of similar looking country flags. Let’s take a look.

Similar looking country flags

Australia and New Zealand

Germany and Belgium

Indonesia, Poland, and Monaco

Note: The flags of Indonesia and Monaco have similar colors and patterns. However, their length-to-width (height) ratio is different. The Indonesian flag has a length-to-width (height) ratio of 2:3. The flag of Monaco has a length-to-width (height) ratio of 5:4.

Thailand and Costa Rica

Qatar and Bahrain

UAE, Sudan, Kuwait, Jordan, and Palestine

Luxembourg and Netherlands

Norway and Iceland

Chad and Romania

Note: Flags of Chad and Romania look almost the same. There is only a slight difference in colors.

Syria, Yemen, Egypt, and Iraq

United States, Liberia, and Malaysia

Tajikistan, Hungary, Italy, and Mexico

Ireland, Italy, and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Guinea, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Bolivia, and Ethiopia

Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador

Slovenia, Russia, Slovakia, and Serbia

Honduras, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador

Andorra and Moldova

India and Niger

Austria, Peru, Latvia, and Lebanon

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