How to measure rainfall at home

If you want to measure the rainfall at home, you can easily make a rain gauge from a plastic bottle or a cylindrical container. Follow the steps listed below.

How to measure rainfall at home

  1. Take a plastic bottle and make a cylindrical container out of it by cutting off its neck using scissors. The container may have an uneven bottom.
  2. Place the inverted cut-out top over the container. It will act as a funnel and also prevent evaporation.
  3. Fill the container with water till it cover-up the uneven part at the bottom. Mark the water level.
  4. Place the container in an open space away from any obstruction such as a tree or a wall and take the reading after 24 hours.
  5. Calculate the rise in water level with the help of a ruler. The rise in water level is the rainfall in mm or inches.
  6. Take the reading every day in the morning for a week.
  7. Empty the container after each reading and repeat step 3.
  8. To calculate the average precipitation for the week, add all the readings, and divide by 7.
How to measure rainfall at home

The width of the bottle/container does not matter as long it is a perfect cylinder.

Formula used:

Amount of rainfall = volume of water collected/area over which the water is collected

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