Month: February 2020

Types of mountains

Fold mountains

There are 4 main types of mountains/mountain ranges classified on the basis of process of formation. Fold mountains Block mountains Volcanic mountains Residual mountains Types of mountains Fold mountains These are the most common types of mountains. Nearly all the famous mountain ranges e.g. the himalayas, the alps are fold mountains. Fold mountains form when …

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Types of rocks


There are different types of rocks that form the Earth’s crust. On the basis of origin, these rocks can be classified as Igneous rocks Sedimentary rocks Metamorphic rocks Types of rocks Igneous rocks Cooling and solidification of magma (molten material inside the Earth) forms the igneous rocks. Igneous rocks have a crystalline structure and a …

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Population control can be the solution of many problems in India

Population control

India is going through a transition phase. Poverty, unemployment, poor health, etc. are some major problems in the country. Most of these problems are repercussion of the dire unaddressed problem of overpopulation. Ideally, population control should be the hottest topic in the country right now but unfortunately it is not so because of it being …

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