Japan and South Korea – country comparison | Japan vs South Korea

Japan and South Korea are two developed countries in East Asia. The following is a comparison between these two countries. Let’s read.

Japan and South Korea – country comparison

JapanSouth Korea (Republic of Korea)
Areaapproximately 378,000 square kilometersapproximately 100,350 square kilometers
Population126 million (2020)51.8 million (2023 estimate)
RegionEast AsiaEast Asia
Highest mountainMount Fuji (3,776 m)Hallasan (1,947 m)
Major RiversShinano River, Tone River, Ishikari River, Teshio River, etcNakdong River, Geum River, Yeongsan River, Han River, etc
Most popular sportBaseballBaseball and football (soccer)
Type of governmentParliamentary Government with a Constitutional MonarchyUnitary presidential constitutional republic
Most spoken languageJapaneseKorean
Busiest AirportHaneda Airport, TokyoIncheon International Airport
National TreeCherry blossomKorean red pine
National BirdGreen pheasantKorean magpie
National AnimalTiger
CurrencyJapanese YenSouth Korean won
Number of Islandsover 14,000over 3,300
Capital CityTokyoSeoul
Largest CityTokyoSeoul
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites2516
Largest Metropolitan areaGreater Tokyo AreaSeoul Capital Area
Largest IslandHonshu IslandJeju Island
Japan and South Korea – country comparison

Which country is larger in area, Japan or South Korea?

Japan is more than 3.7 times larger than South Korea.

  • Area of Japan – approximately 378,000 square kilometers
  • Area of South Korea – approximately 100,350 square kilometers

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Which country has a larger population, Japan or South Korea?

Japan has a larger population as compared with South Korea.

  • Population of Japan – 126 million (2020)
  • Population of South Korea – 51.8 million (2023 estimate)

Which country is more densely populated, Japan or South Korea?

The population density in South Korea is way more than Japan’s population density.

  • Population density in Japan – 330-340 people per square kilometer (2020)
  • Population density in South Korea – 510-520 people per square kilometer (2023 estimate)

Top 3 largest cities by population


  1. Tokyo
  2. Yokohama
  3. Osaka

South Korea

  1. Seoul
  2. Busan
  3. Incheon

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