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Jupiter and Saturn are the top two biggest planets in our Solar System. The following is a comparison between these two planets. Let’s read.

Jupiter vs Saturn – planet comparison

Which planet is bigger, Jupiter or Saturn?

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar System. Saturn is the second biggest planet.

  • Radius of Jupiter – 69,911 km (43,440 miles)
  • Radius of Saturn – 58,232 km (36,184 miles)

Which planet has more mass?

Jupiter is 3.34 times as massive as Saturn.

  • Mass of Jupiter – 1,898.19 × 10^24 kg
  • Mass of Saturn – 568.34 × 10^24 kg

Which planet has more moons, Jupiter or Saturn?

Saturn has the highest number of discovered moons. There are currently 146 confirmed moons of Saturn. Jupiter ranks 2nd in terms of moon count. There are 95 confirmed moons of Jupiter.

Jupiter, its big moons, and Saturn
Jupiter, its big moons, and Saturn

Does Jupiter have rings?

Yes, Jupiter also has rings. However, its rings are faint as they are mainly composed of dust.

Comparison table

Radius69,911 km (43,440 miles)58,232 km (36,184 miles)
Size rank1st2nd
Position from the Sun5th6th
Number of confirmed Moons95146
Day length9.93 hours10.7 hours
Year length4,333 Earth Days10,759 Earth Days
Compositionmostly Hydrogen and Heliummostly Hydrogen and Helium
Distance from the Sun778 million kilometers (484 million miles)1.4 billion kilometers (886 million miles)
Mass comparison to Earthequal to 318 Earthsequal to 95 Earths
Volume comparison to Earthmore than 1,300 Earthsmore than 760 Earths
Planet typeGas giantGas giant
Ring systemYes but faintYes
Named afterthe Roman god of sky and lightningthe Roman god of agriculture and wealth
Surfacedoes not have a true surfacedoes not have a true surface
Time taken by sunlight to reacharound 43 minutesaround 80 minutes

* The number of moons can change with time

Which planet is more dense?

Jupiter is denser than Saturn. Moreover, Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System.

  • Density of Jupiter – 1.33 g/cm³
  • Density of Saturn – 0.687 g/cm³

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