USA and China – country comparison | USA vs China

The following is a comparison between the United States of America (USA) and China, two large countries of the world. Let’s read.

USA vs China – country comparison

Flags of the US and China
Flags of the US and China

USA vs China GDP comparison

The United States is the world’s largest economy. China ranks number 2 in terms of GDP (nominal).

IMF 2023USAChina
GDP (nominal)$27.36 trillion$17.66 trillion
GDP rank (nominal)1st2nd
GDP (PPP)$27.36 trillion$32.93 trillion


Areaapproximately 9.8 million square kilometersapproximately 9.6 million square kilometers
Area rank3rd4th
Population340 million (2023 estimate)around 1.426 billion (2023)
Population rank3rd2nd
Capital CityWashington, D.C.Beijing
Largest CityNew York CityShanghai
Most spoken langaugeAmerican EnglishMandarin
Most popular sportsAmerican FootballTable tennis, basketball, and badminton
Life expectancy (UN/2022)78.278.6
CurrencyUnited States DollarChinese Yuan
Largest sectorService sectorService sector


RegionNorth AmericaEast Asia
Highest mountain peakDenali (20,310 ft/6,190 meters)Mount Everest (29,031.7 ft/8,848.86 m)
Major RiversMissouri, Mississippi, Yukon, Rio Grande, Arkansas, Colorado, etcYangtze River, Yellow River, Amur River, Mekong River, Brahmaputra River, Indus River, Pearl River, etc.
Longest riverMissouri RiverYangtze River
Largest islandHawaii island (10,430 sq km)Hainan (35,190 sq km)
Largest lakeLake SuperiorQinghai Lake


Popular places to visitNew York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon, etc.The Great Wall Of China, The Terracotta Army, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, etc.
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites2557
Busiest AirportHartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International AirportGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Which country is larger in area, USA or China?

The United States of America is the third biggest country in the world after Russia and Canada. China is the fourth biggest country.

  • Area of USA – approximately 9.8 million square kilometers
  • Area of China – approximately 9.6 million square kilometers

Which country is more populous, USA or China?

The United States and China rank 3rd and 2nd respectively in terms of population in the world. However, the difference in population numbers between these two countries is huge.

  • Population of USA – 340 million (2023 estimate)
  • Population of China – around 1.426 billion (2023 estimate)

In which country the life expectancy is higher, USA or China?

The life expectancy in China is higher as compared with the United States. According to the UN data of 2022, the life expectancy in China is 78.6 against 78.2 of the US.

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Top 3 largest cities by population


  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Chicago
New York City


  1. Shanghai
  2. Beijing
  3. Guangzhou
The Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall Of China
The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon
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