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The United States of America and Russia are two large countries together comprising nearly 5.3 percent of total Earth’s surface area. The following is a comparison between the USA and Russia. Let’s read.

USA vs Russia – country comparison

Which country is larger in area, USA or Russia?

Russia is more than 1.7 times larger than the USA. Russia and USA rank 1 and 3 respectively in terms of area in the world.

  • Area of USA – approximately 9.8 million square kilometers
  • Area of Russia – approximately 17.1 million square kilometers

Which country has a larger population, USA or Russia?

The USA is more populated as well as more densely populated as compared with Russia. The majority of the population of Russia is concentrated in the European part. The Asian part is vast and sparsely populated.

  • Population of USA – 340 million (2023 estimate)
  • Population of Russia – 144.4 million (2023 estimate)

USA vs Russia GDP comparison

2023 IMFUSARussia
GDP (nominal)$26.95 trillion$1.86 trillion
GDP rank (nominal)1st11th
GDP (PPP)$26.95 trillion$5.06 trillion

In which country, the life expectancy is higher?

The life expectancy in the US (77.2) is higher as compared with the life expectancy in Russia (69.4) (UN/2021).

Top 3 largest cities by population


  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Chicago


  1. Moscow
  2. Saint Petersburg
  3. Novosibirsk
Flags of the USA and Russia


Areaapproximately 9.8 million square kilometersapproximately 17.1 million square kilometers
Area rank3rd1st
RegionNorth AmericaAsia and eastern Europe (transcontinental)
Population340 million (2023 estimate)144.4 million (2023 estimate)
CurrencyUnited States DollarRussian Ruble
Capital CityWashington, D.C.Moscow
Largest CityNew York CityMoscow
Most spoken languageAmerican EnglishRussian
Most popular sportAmerican FootballFootball (soccer)
Life expectancy (UN/2021)77.269.4

Geographical features

Highest mountain peakDenali (6,190 meters/20,310 ft)Mount Elbrus (5,642 meters/18,510 ft)
Major RiversMissouri, Mississippi, Yukon, Rio Grande, Arkansas, Colorado, etc.Volga River, Ob River, Yenisei River, Lena River, Amur River, Irtysh River, etc.
Longest RiverMissouri RiverLena River
Largest IslandHawaii island (10,430 sq km)Sakhalin (72,492 sq km)

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National Symbols

National animalAmerican bison (national mammal)Eurasian brown bear
National treeThe OakBirch
National birdBald Eagle
National flowerRose (National floral emblem)Chamomile

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Flag of USA

Flag of Russia

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