Which country has the most lakes – Canada, Russia, or the US?

A lake is a waterbody surrounded by land. Canada is the country with the highest number of lakes of area at least 0.1 sq km. It is estimated that there are over 850,000 lakes in Canada with a surface area of at least 0.1 sq km. Canada also leads the world in terms of the number of freshwater lakes.

Lake Superior is the largest lake in Canada. It is one of the five great lakes of North America. Lake Superior has an area of 82,100 square kilometers and it is present both in Canada and United States. Great Bear Lake is the largest lake entirely within the borders of Canada. Great Bear Lake has an area of about 31,150 square kilometers and it is located in Northwest Territories.

After Canada, Russia has the most lakes followed by the United States of America.

Moraine Lake in Canada

Canada is the country with most lakes in the world.

Some famous lakes in Canada

LakeAreaProvince/territory of Canada
Lake Superiorabout 82,100 square kilometersOntario
Lake Huronabout 59,600 square kilometersOntario
Great Bear Lakeabout 31,150 square kilometersNorthwest Territories
Lake Winnipegabout 24,500 square kilometersManitoba
Moraine Lakeabout 0.5 square kilometersAlberta
Emerald Lakeabout 0.9 square kilometersBritish Columbia
Peyto Lakeabout 5.5 square kilometersAlberta
Lake Erieabout 25,670 square kilometersOntario
Lake Ontarioabout 19,010 square kilometersOntario
Great Slave Lakeabout 27,200 square kilometersNorthwest Territories
Reindeer Lakeabout 6,650 square kilometersSaskatchewan and Manitoba

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