USA vs Mexico | USA and Mexico – country comparison

The article compares the top two most populous countries in North America, the United States of America (USA) and Mexico. Let’s read.

USA vs Mexico | country comparison

Flags of USA and Mexico
Flags of USA and Mexico

Which country has a larger area, USA or Mexico?

The United States is much larger in area as compared with Mexico. It is five times larger than Mexico.

  • USA area – approximately 9.8 million square kilometers
  • Mexico area – 1.964 million square kilometers

Which country is more populous, USA or Mexico?

USA and Mexico rank number 1 and 2 respectively in terms of population in North America.

  • USA population – 340 million (2023 estimate) (3rd largest in the world)
  • Mexico population – 128.5 million (2023 estimate) (10th largest in the world)

USA vs Mexico GDP

2023 IMFUSAMexico
GDP (nominal)$27.36 trillion$1.79 trillion
GDP rank (nominal)1st12th
GDP (PPP)$27.36 trillion$3.28 trillion


Both Mexico and the United States have a wide range of climate zones. In general, Mexico remains warmer than the United States.

Popular sports

  • American football, baseball, and basketball are the three most popular sports in the US.
  • Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Mexico. Other popular sports in Mexico are Baseball, boxing, and basketball.

Population density

  • USA – around 35 people per square kilometer (2023) (on the lower side)
  • Mexico – around 65 people per square kilometer (20230 (on the lower side)

Most spoken Language

  • USA – English
  • Mexico – Spanish

Highest mountain peak

  • USA – Denali/Mount McKinley (6,190 meters)
  • Mexico – Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl) (5,636 meters)

Capital city

  • USA – Washington, D.C. (population – around 700,000)
  • Mexico – Mexico City (Population – around 9.2 million)

Fun fact about Mexico city – Mexico city is the most populous city in North America.


  • The US has 50 states and a federal district i.e., Washington, D.C.
  • There are 32 federal entities in Mexico, 31 of which are states and 1 is the capital Mexico City.

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Large mammals

  • USA – Brown bear, black bear, Cougar, Bighorn sheep, Gray Wolf, Moose, Elk, American Bison, etc.
  • Mexico – Cougar, Jaguar, Baird’s tapir, Spider monkey, etc.


  • USA – Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, American Robin, Northern Cardinal, Mourning Dove, etc.
  • Mexico – West Mexican chachalaca, Golden Eagle, Green parakeet, Mexican Woodnymph, etc.


  • USA – American Alligator, American crocodile, Western diamondback rattlesnake, Gila monster lizard, Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, etc.
  • Mexico – Western diamondback rattlesnake, Gila monster lizard, Mexican beaded lizard, Morelet’s crocodile, etc.

USA vs Mexico

Areaapproximately 9.8 million square kilometers1.964 million square kilometers
Population340 million (2023 estimate)128.5 million (2023 estimate)
Most spoken languageAmerican EnglishSpanish
Capital cityWashington, D.C.Mexico City
Largest cityNew York CityMexico City
CurrencyUnited States dollarMexican Peso
Highest mountainDenali/Mount McKinleyPico de Orizaba
Most popular sportAmerican FootballFootball (association football)
Busiest AirportHartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International AirportMexico City International Airport
Type of governmentFederal presidential constitutional republicFederal presidential republic
Life expectancy at birth (2022/UN)78.274.8


Flag of the US
Flag of the US
Flag of Mexico
Flag of Mexico

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