Madagascar, an island country in East Africa – fun facts

Madagascar is an island country in East Africa known for its exotic wildlife. The following are 10 fun facts about Madagascar. Let’s read.

Basic facts about Madagascar

Areaabout 587,000 square kilometers
Populationover 29 million (2022)
Largest cityAntananarivo
CurrencyMalagasy Ariary
Official languagesMalagasy and French
Most spoken languageMalagasy
Major RiversBetsiboka River, Mangoky River, Onilahy River, Sofia River, Ihosy River
Major mountain rangesTsaratanana Massif, Andringitra Massif, Ankaratra, Lavasoa-Ambatotsirongorongo Mountains
Highest mountainMaromokotro (2,876 m)
Famous wildlifeRing-tailed Lemurs, Nile crocodiles, Fossa, Tenrecs, Indri, Aye-aye, etc

Fun facts about Madagascar

It is the fourth largest island on Earth

Madagascar on the map

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It has an area of approximately 587,000 square kilometers/226,650 square miles and it beats the Baffin Island of Canada for fourth place.

Capital and largest city of Madagascar

Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar

Antananarivo is the capital and the largest city in Madagascar. The city has a population of approximately 1.3 million.

Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot

Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot with over 200,000 species of flora and fauna. Nearly 90 percent of mammals found in Madagascar are endemic and are found nowhere else in the world.

Highest mountain peak in Madagascar

Maromokotro with an elevation of 2,876 meters (9,436 ft) is the highest mountain peak in Madagascar. It is located in the Tsaratanana Reserve.

Official languages of Madagascar

Malagasy and French are the two official languages of Madagascar. Malagasy is the most spoken language used throughout the island.

Lemurs are found only in Madagascar

Ring tailed Lemurs, found only in Madagascar
Ring-tailed Lemurs

Over 100 species/subspecies of Lemurs are found in Madagascar. Lemurs are primates endemic to Madagascar. The largest Lemur species is the Indri, also called babakoto. It can weigh over 9 kilograms.

Second largest island nation after Indonesia

Map of Africa

Although less than one-third the size of Indonesia, Madagascar is the second largest island nation on Earth after Indonesia.

Largest ethnic group in Madagascar

Malagasy people are the largest ethnolinguistic group in Madagascar forming around 90 percent of the total population. This group has over 18 ethnic subgroups.

Religion in Madagascar

Christianity is the largest religion in Madagascar, although there is no official published data.

Madagascar was a French colony

Madagascar was a french colony, the reason you can still see some French influence in Madagascar. The country gained independence in 1960.

Flag of Madagascar

Flag of Madagascar

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