India vs Canada | India and Canada – country comparison

This article compares India and Canada, the seventh largest country and the second largest country respectively. Let’s read.

India vs Canada – country comparison

Areaaround 3.3 million square kilometersaround 10 million square kilometers
Populationaround 1.4 billion (2022)around 37 million (2021)
Capital cityNew DelhiOttawa
Largest cityMumbaiToronto
CurrencyIndian RupeeCanadian dollar
National AnimalTigerBeaver and the Canadian Horse
National TreeIndian Banyan treeThe maple tree
Famous wildlifeTiger, Asiatic Lion, Indian elephant, Indian Rhino, Gharial, Mugger crocodile, Sloth bear, Asiatic black bear, etc.Moose, Polar bears, Grizzly bears, American bison, beaver, etc.
Most popular sportCricketIce Hockey

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Which country is larger in area, India or Canada?

Canada is more than three times the size of India.

  • Area of India – around 3.3 million square kilometers
  • Area of Canada – around 10 million square kilometers

Which country has a larger population, India or Canada?

India is the second most populous nation. Canada, on the other hand, is sparsely populated.

  • Population of India – around 1.4 billion (2022)
  • Population of Canada – around 37 million (2021)

Capital city

  • India – New Delhi
  • Canada – Ottawa

Largest lake

  • India – Vembanad lake
  • Canada – Lake Superior (shared), Great Bear Lake (entirely within Canada)

In which country the population density is higher, India or Canada?

  • India – 470 people per square kilometer (very high)
  • Canada – 4 people per square kilometer (very low)


In which country the life expectancy is higher, India or Canada?

Life expectancy is much higher in Canada, as ranked by most organizations e.g. United Nations, world bank, etc.

Popular sports

  • Cricket, badminton, Kabaddi, football, and hockey are the most popular sports in India.
  • Ice hockey and Lacrosse are the most popular sports in Canada.

Largest island

  • India – Middle Andaman (1,523 sq km)
  • Canada – Baffin island (507,450 sq km)


  • India is generally a warm country but there are numerous climate zones in India ranging from tundra to tropical.
  • Canada is largely a cold country.

Major languages

  • India – Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, etc.
  • Canada – English and French

Highest mountain range

  • India – Himalayas
  • Canada – Saint Elias Mountains

Major Rivers

  • India – Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Brahmaputra, Teesta, Mahanadi, etc.
  • Canada – Mackenzie, Yukon, Saint Lawrence, Nelson, Slave, etc.

Top 5 largest cities

  • Top 5 largest cities in India – read here
  • Top 5 largest cities in Canada
  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Calgary
  4. Ottawa
  5. Edmonton

Highest mountain peak

  • India – read here
  • Canada – Mount Logan (5,959 meters)

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