15 Interesting facts about Tigers

Tiger is a member of the cat family (Felidae). They are the largest cats found in the wild only in Asia. This article lists some interesting facts about tigers. Let’s read.

A Royal Bengal Tiger
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

15 Interesting facts about Tigers

  • Tigers are the largest among all big cat species. Tigers are the largest, Lion the second-largest, and jaguars are the third-largest big cats.
  • Tigers live a solitary life. Very rarely they are seen hunting and living in groups.
  • Stripes are unique to each individual Tiger just like human fingerprints are unique. Tigers have black or brown stripes on their orange fur and white belly.
Tiger stripes
  • A tiger’s roar can be heard from as far as 3 kilometers (1.9 miles).
  • It generally takes 2-20 hunting attempts for a tiger to get a successful kill.
  • Tigers are very good swimmers and are known to swim large distances in search of prey.
A picture of a Tiger swimming
  • More than half of the world’s tiger population lives in India. Lately, the Tiger population in India has seen a sharp increase thanks to the government’s efforts.
  • International Tiger Day is celebrated on 29 July.
  • Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Indochinese tiger, Malayan tiger, and south china tiger are the same subspecies of tiger- Panthera tigris tigris (Continental Tiger). The Sumatran Tiger or Sunda Tiger is a different subspecies- Panthera tigris sondaica (Sunda Tiger).
  • Tiger is the national animal of India, Bangladesh, South Korea, and Malaysia.
  • Tigers can run at a speed of 65 km/hr in short bursts.
  • Tigers mostly hunt at night.
  • A tiger’s hind legs are larger which helps it to make big leaps.
  • Machali, a famous Bengal Tigress in Ranthambore National Park in India was known as the “crocodile killer“. She became famous after her fight with a 14-foot crocodile. She was also the oldest surviving Tigress in the wild. She lived for 19 years.
  • A group of Tigers is known as a streak or an ambush.
IUCN conservation statusEndangered
Lifespan10-15 years in the wild
WeightBengal Tiger– (180-260) kg for male/(100-160) kg for female
Siberian Tiger– (180-300) kg for male/(100-170) kg for female
Sumatran Tiger- (100-140) kg for male/(75-110) kg for female
Scientific namePanthera tigris

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