Oregon vs Washington – US states comparison

Oregon and Washington are two large states in the Western United States. The following is a comparison between these two states. Let’s read.

Oregon vs Washington – US states comparison

Oregon and Washington on the US map
Oregon and Washington on the US map

Which state is bigger, Oregon or Washington?

Oregon is a bigger state as compared with Washington. It is nearly 1.4 times bigger than Washington.

  • Area of Oregon – about 98,400 square miles (254,800 square kilometers)
  • Area of Washington – about 71,300 square miles (184,665 square kilometers)

Which state is more populous, Oregon or Washington?

  • Population of Oregon – 4.24 million (2022 estimate)
  • Population of Washington – 7.79 million (2022 estimate)


Areaabout 98,400 square miles (254,800 square kilometers)about 71,300 square miles (184,665 square kilometers)
Area rank in the US9th18th
Population4.24 million (2022 estimate)7.79 million (2022 estimate)
Population rank in the US27th13th
Capital CitySalemOlympia
Largest CityPortlandSeattle
Became a state of the US14 February 185911 November 1889
NicknameThe Beaver StateThe Evergreen State


RegionWestern United StatesWestern United States
BordersWashington state in the north; Idaho in the east; Nevada and California in the southCanada in the north; Idaho in the east; and Oregon in the south
Highest mountain peakMount Hood (11,249 ft/3,429 m)Mount Rainier (14,411 ft/4,392 m)
Forest cover48% – 49%around 52%
Major RiversColumbia River, Snake River, Owyhee River, John Day River, Deschutes River, Rogue River, Willamette River, Grande Ronde River, etc.Columbia River, Yakima River, Palouse River, Crab Creek, Skagit River, Snake River, Pend Oreille River, Cowlitz River, etc.
Largest lake within the state bordersUpper Klamath LakeFranklin D. Roosevelt Lake
CoastlineYes with the Pacific OceanYes with the Pacific Ocean
International borderNoYes with Canada
National Parks1 (Crater Lake National Park)3 (North Cascades National Park, Olympic National Park, and Mount Rainier National Park)

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State symbols

State treeDouglas-firWestern hemlock
State animalAmerican BeaverOlympic marmot (State mammal) and Orca (State marine mammal)
State birdWestern meadowlark and OspreyWillow goldfinch
State flowerOregon GrapeCoast rhododendron (Pacific Rhododendron)
State fruitCommon pearApple
State fishChinook Salmon (spring salmon)Steelhead trout


Are there Grizzly bears in Oregon?


What is the largest city in Oregon?


What is the largest city in Washington state?


What is the capital of Oregon?


What is the capital city of Washington state?


Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
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