Provinces and territories of Canada | Canada’s largest provinces

Canada is the second biggest country in the world by area. The large area is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. The following are lists showing the area and population of provinces and territories of Canada.

Quebec is the biggest province and Nunavut is the biggest territory. More than half of the total population of Canada live in Ontario and Quebec provinces.

Provinces of Canada by area

RankingProvinceArea (square kilometers)Capital City
1Quebec1.67 millionQuebec City
2Ontario1.076 millionToronto
3British Columbiaaround 944,750Victoria
4Albertaaround 661,850Edmonton
5Saskatchewanaround 651,050Regina
6Manitobaaround 647,800Winnipeg
7Newfoundland and Labradoraround 405,200St. John’s
8New Brunswickaround 72,900Fredericton
9Nova Scotiaaround 55,300Halifax
10Prince Edward Islandaround 5,700Charlottetown

Territories of Canada by area

RankingTerritoryArea (square kilometers)Capital City
1Nunavutaround 2.09 millionIqaluit
2Northwest Territoriesaround 1.35 millionYellowknife
3Yukonaround 482,450Whitehorse
Provinces and territories of Canada on the map
Provinces and territories of Canada on the map

Provinces of Canada by population

RankingProvincePopulation (2021 census)
3British Columbia5,000,879
7Nova Scotia969,383
8New Brunswick775,610
9Newfoundland and Labrador510,550
10Prince Edward Island154,331

Territories of Canada by population

RankingTerritoryPopulation (2021 census)
1Northwest Territories41,070

Key points

  • Quebec is the biggest province of Canada. It has an area of approximately 1.67 million square kilometers. Quebec City is the capital of Quebec province.
  • Toronto, the largest city in Canada is located in Ontario province. It is the capital city of Ontario province.
  • Ontario is the most populous province of Canada.
  • Nunavut is the largest territory of Canada.
  • Ottawa, the capital of Canada is located in Ontario province.
  • Ontario is the second largest province in Canada by area.
  • British Columbia is the third largest province in Canada

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