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California and Florida are two large states in the US. The following is a comparison between these two states. Let’s read.

California vs Florida – US states comparison

California and Florida on the US map
California and Florida on the US map
Areaaround 163,700 square miles (around 423,970 square kilometers)around 65,760 square miles (around 170,310 square kilometers)
Area rank in the US3rd22nd
Populationaround 39.5 million (2020)around 21.5 million (2020)
Population rank1st3rd
RegionWestern United StatesSouthern United States
Capital CitySacramentoTallahassee
Largest CityLos AngelesJacksonville
Became a state of the US9 September, 18503 March, 1845
BordersOregon on the north, Nevada and Arizona on the east, and Mexico on the southAlabama and Georgia on the north
Highest natural pointMount Whitney (14,505 ft/4,421 m)Britton hill (345 ft/105 m)
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites31
Number of National Parks93
NicknameThe Golden StateThe Sunshine State
International borderYes with MexicoNo
Forest covernearly 33 percent (2016)nearly 51 percent (2016)
CoastlinePacific OceanGulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean


Is California bigger than Florida?

Yes, California is 2.5 times bigger than Florida.

Which state is more populous, California or Florida?

The population of California is larger. California is the most populated state on the west coast while Florida is the most populated state on the east coast.


California and Florida rank 1 and 4 respectively in terms of GDP in the United States (2022 data).

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Popular tourist attractions in California

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Disneyland Resort Anaheim, Malibu, Yosemite National Park, San Diego, etc.

Popular tourist attractions in Florida

Miami, Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, Everglades National Park, Siesta Key, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, etc.


Top 3 largest cities by population


  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Diego
  3. San Jose

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  1. Jacksonville
  2. Miami
  3. Tampa
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, the largest city in California
Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in California

  1. Yosemite National Park
  2. Redwood National and State Parks
  3. Hollyhock House

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Florida

  1. Everglades National Park

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