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Madhya Pradesh has the second most number of districts among all states in India, second to Uttar Pradesh which has 75. There are currently 57 districts in Madhya Pradesh. In this article, all the 57 districts in MP are listed along with some useful information.

Districts in MP (Madhya Pradesh)

S.No.DistrictArea (square kilometers)PopulationDivision
1Agar Malwa2,701.935.71 LakhsUjjain division
2Alirajpur3,1827,28,999Indore division
3Anuppur3,746.717,49,237Shahdol division
4Ashoknagar4,673.948,44,979Gwalior division
5Balaghat9,24517,01,698Jabalpur division
6Barwani5,42713,85,881Indore division
7Betul10,04315,75,247Jabalpur division
8Bhind4,45917,03,562Chambal division
9Bhopal2,77223,68,145Bhopal division
10Burhanpur3,4277,56,993Indore division
11Chhatarpur10,86317,62,857Sagar division
12Chhindwarawill be updatedwill be updatedJabalpur division
13Damoh7,30612,64,219Sagar division
14Datia2,9597,86,754Gwalior division
15Dewas7,02015,63,715Ujjain division
16Dhar8,1532,185,793Indore division
17Dindori7,4707,04,524Jabalpu division
18Gwalior4,56020,32,036Gwalior division
19Guna6,39012,40,938Gwalior division
20Harda2,644.325,70,465Jabalpur division
21Indore10,86334,06,061Indore division
22Jabalpur5,21124,63,289Jabalpur division
23Jhabua3,60010,25,048Indore division
24Katni4,95012,92,042Jabalpur division
25Khandwa8,30713,10,061Indore division
26Khargone6,47718,72,413Indore division
27Maiharwill be updatedwill be updatedwill be updated
28Mandla5,80010,54,905Jabalpur division
29Mandsaur9,79113,39,832Ujjain division
30Mauganjwill be updatedwill be updatedRewa division
31Morena4,998.7812,79,090Chambal division
32Nagdawill be updatedwill be updatedwill be updated
33Narmadapuram (Hoshangabad)5,408.2312,40,975Narmadapuram division
34Narsinghpur5,125.5510,92,141Jabalpur division
35Neemuch3,8757,25,457Ujjain division
36Niwari1,1704,04,807Sagar division
37Pandhurnawill be updatedwill be updatedwill be updated
38Panna7,13510,16,520Sagar division
39Pichorewill be updatedwill be updatedwill be updated
40Raisen8,46613,31,597Bhopal division
41Rajgarh6,15415,45,814Bhopal division
42Ratlam4,86114,55,069Ujjain division
43Rewawill be updatedwill be updatedRewa division
44Sagar10,25223,78,458Sagar division
45Satnawill be updatedwill be updatedRewa division
46Sehore6,57813,11,332Bhopal division
47Seoni8,75813,79,131Jabalpur division
48Shahdol5,61010,66,063Shahdol division
49Shajapur3,460.49,41,403Ujjain division
50Sheopur6,6066,87,861Chambal division
51Shivpuriwill be updatedwill be updatedGwalior division
52Sidhi10,52611,26,515Rewa division
53Singrauli5,67511,78,273Rewa division
54Tikamgarh3,87810,40,359Sagar division
55Ujjainwill be updatedwill be updatedUjjain division
56Umaria4,5486,44,758Shahdol division
57Vidisha7,37114,58,875Bhopal division

Interesting facts about the districts in MP

  • Indore district is the most populous district in Madhya Pradesh.
  • In 2023, five new districts were created – Pichore, Pandhurna, Nagda, Maihar, and Mauganj.
  • Pichore district was carved out of Shivpuri district.
  • Pandhurna district carved out of Chhindwara district.
  • Nagda district was carved out of Ujjain district.
  • Maihar district was carved out of Satna district.
  • Mauganj district was carved out of Rewa district.
  • The districts in MP fall under 10 divisions –
  1. Bhopal division
  2. Sagar division
  3. Ujjain division
  4. Shahdol division
  5. Chambal division
  6. Gwalior division
  7. Indore division
  8. Rewa division
  9. Jabalpur division
  10. Narmadapuram division
  • There are two UNESCO world heritage sites located in the Raisen district.
  1. Buddhist monuments of Sanchi
  2. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters
  • Khajuraho temples are located in the Chhatarpur district.
  • Hoshangabad district is now called Narmadapuram district.

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