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Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of districts among all states in India. There are 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh. UP is not the largest state in terms of area still, it has the highest number of districts. This is because of the large population of the state. This article lists all the districts in UP along with some useful information.

Districts in UP (Uttar Pradesh)

S. No.District nameArea (square kilometers)PopulationAdministrative divisionVehicle registration
1Agra4,02744,18,797Agra divisionUP 80
2Aligarh3,65036,73,889Aligarh divisionUP 81
3Ambedkar Nagar2,35023,97,888Ayodhya divisionUP 45
4Amethi2,329.1118,67,678Ayodhya divisionUP 36
5Amroha2,24918,40,221Moradabad divisionUP 23
6Auraiya2,01613,79,545Kanpur divisionUP 79
7Azamgarh4,05446,12,000Azamgarh divisionUP 50
8Baghpat1,32113.03 LakhsMeerut divisionUP 17
9Bahraich4696.834,87,731Devipatan divisionUP 40
10Ballia2,98132,39,774Azamgarh divisionUP 60
11Balrampur3,34921,48,795Devipatan divisionUP 47
12Banda4,40817,99,410Chitrakoot divisionUP 90
13Barabanki3,891.532,60,699Ayodhya divisionUP 41
14Bareilly4,12044,48,359Bareilly divisionUP 25
15Basti2,68824,64,464Basti divisionUP 51
16Bhadohi1,015 (smallest area)15,78,213Mirzapur divisionUP 66
17Bijnor4,04936,82,713Moradabad divisionUP 20
18Budaun4,234.2131,29,000Bareilly divisionUP 24
19Bulandshahr4,35334,99,171Meerut divisionUP 13
20Chandauli2,48519,52,756Varanasi divisionUP 67
21Chitrakoot3,1649,91,697Chitrakoot divisionUP 96
22Deoria2,54031,00,946Gorakhpur divisionUP 52
23Etah4,44617,74,480Aligarh divisionUP 82
24Etawah2,31115,81,810Kanpur divisionUP 75
25Faizabad (Ayodhya)2,52224,70,996Ayodhya divisionUP 42
26Farrukhabad2,181 18,85,000Kanpur divisionUP 76
27Fatehpur4,152 26,32,733Prayagraj divisionUP 71
28Firozabad2,36224,98,156Agra divisionUP 83
29Gautam Buddha Nagar1,44216,48,000Meerut divisionUP 16
30Ghaziabad1,03434,06,061Meerut divisionUP 14
31Ghazipur3,37736,20,000Varanasi divisionUP 61
32Gonda4,00334,33,919Devipatan divisionUP 43
33Gorakhpur3,483.844,40,895Gorakhpur divisionUP 53
34Hamirpur4,121.911,04,285Chitrakoot divisionUP 91
35Hapur1,11613,38,000Meerut divisionUP 37
36Hardoi5,98940,92,845Lucknow divisionUP 30
37Hathras1,800.115,64,708Aligarh divisionUP 86
38Jalaun4,54416,89,974Jhansi divisionUP 92
39Jaunpur4,03844,94,204Varanasi divisionUP 62
40Jhansi5,02419,98,603Jhansi divisionUP 93
41Kannauj2,09313,75,775Kanpur divisionUP 74
42Kanpur Dehat3,02117,96,191Kanpur divisionUP 77
43Kanpur Nagar3,15545,81,268Kanpur divisionUP 78
44Kanshiram Nagar (Kasganj)1,993.0814,36,719Aligarh divisionUP 87
45Kaushambi1,78015,99,596Prayagraj divisionUP 73
46Kushinagar2,90635,64,544Gorakhpur divisionUP 57
47Lakhimpur – Kheri7,680 (largest area)40,21,243Lucknow divisionUP 31
48Lalitpur5,03912,21,592Jhansi divisionUP 94
49Lucknow2,52845,89,838Lucknow divisionUP 32
50Maharajganj2,95226,85,292Gorakhpur divisionUP 56
51Mahoba2,8848,75,968 (smallest population)Chitrakoot divisionUP 95
52Mainpuri2,76018,69,000Agra divisionUP 84
53Mathura3,34025,47,000Agra divisionUP 85
54Mau1,71322,05,170Azamgarh divisionUP 54
55Meerut2,59034,44,000Meerut divisionUP 15
56Mirzapur4,52124,96,970Mirzapur divisionUP 63
57Moradabad3,74134,06,061Moradabad divisionUP 21
58Muzaffarnagar2,99128,29,860Saharanpur divisionUP 12
59Pilibhit3,49920.3 LakhsBareilly divisionUP 26
60Pratapgarh3,73032,09141Prayagraj divisionUP 72
61Prayagraj5,48259,54,390 (largest population)Prayagraj divisionUP 70
62Raebareli4,04329,03,507Lucknow divisionUP 33
63Rampur2,36723,35,819Moradabad divisionUP 22
64Saharanpur3,68934,67,332Saharanpur divisionUP 11
65Sambhal2453.3021,92,933Moradabad divisionUP 38
66Sant Kabir Nagar1,64617,06,706Basti divisionUP 58
67Shahjahanpur4,57530,06,538Bareilly divisionUP 27
68Shamli1,167.5813,13,650Saharanpur divisionUP 19
69Shravasti1,948.2011,14,615Devipatan divisionUP 46
70Siddharth Nagar2,89525,59,297Basti divisionUP 55
71Sitapur5,74344,83,992Lucknow divisionUP 34
72Sonbhadra6,78818,62,559Mirzapur divisionUP 64
73Sultanpur2,672.8924,31,490Ayodhya divisionUP 44
74Unnao4,55831,08,367Lucknow divisionUP 35
75Varanasi1,53536,76,841Varanasi divisionUP 65
A table showing the full list of districts in UP

(The stats will be updated after the new census.)

some basic information

Largest districts

Lakhimpur-Kheri district is the largest district in terms of area in UP while Prayagraj is the most populous district.

Smallest districts

Hapur district is the smallest district in terms of area in UP while Mahoba district is the smallest district in terms of population.

NCR districts in UP

Baghpat, Bulandshahr, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, and Shamli districts of Uttar Pradesh are part of the National Capital Region (NCR).

Districts in UP bordering Nepal

Pilibhit, Lakhimpur Kheri, Bahraich, Shravasti, Balrampur, Sidharth Nagar, Maharajganj, and Kushinagar districts share a border with Nepal.

Key points

  • Faizabad district is now called Ayodhya district.
  • Three new districts- Prabudh Nagar district, Bhim Nagar district, and Panchsheel Nagar district were created in September 2011. Prabudh Nagar district was later renamed Shamli. Bhim Nagar district was later renamed Sambhal and Panchsheel Nagar district was later renamed Hapur.
  • Kushinagar district was carved out of the Deoria district.
  • Hapur district was carved out of the Ghaziabad district.
  • Amroha district was previously called Jyotiba Phule Nagar.

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