India vs Bangladesh | India and Bangladesh – country comparison

India and Bangladesh are two neighboring countries in Southern Asia. Both these countries share a lot of similarities, at the same time, are very different. Let’s compare these two countries in this post.

India and Bangladesh – country comparison

Which country is larger in terms of area, India or Bangladesh?

India is a much bigger country compared with Bangladesh. It is more than 22 times larger than Bangladesh.

  • Area of India – around 3.3 million square kilometers
  • Area of Bangladesh – 148,460 square kilometers

Which country is more populous, India or Bangladesh?

Both these countries are heavily populated. India being larger, is more populous.

  • Population of India – close to 1.41 billion (2022) (estimated)
  • Population of Bangladesh – 165 million (2022)

National Animal

The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. The Bengal Tiger is a subspecies of Tiger found in the Indian subcontinent. The Bengal Tiger makes up the majority of the Tiger population in the world.

A Royal Bengal Tiger

Most spoken language

Hindi is the most spoken language in India. Other major languages are Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, etc. Bengali (Bangla) is by far the most spoken language in Bangladesh.

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Popular sports

Cricket is the most popular sport in both India and Bangladesh. In India, other popular sports are Badminton, Kabaddi, hockey, and football.

In Bangladesh, football is a close second in terms of popularity. Cricket has only become popular in Bangladesh in the last few decades.

Which country is more densely populated, India or Bangladesh?

The population density in Bangladesh is much more than that in India. The country ranks among the top 10 most densely populated countries.

  • Population density in India – 420-430 people per sq km (very high) (2022 estimate)
  • Population density in Bangladesh – around 1,100 people per sq km (extremely high) (2022)

Capital city

  • India – New Delhi
  • Bangladesh – Dhaka

Top 3 Largest cities


  1. Mumbai
  2. Delhi
  3. Bengaluru


  1. Dhaka
  2. Chattogram (Chittagong)
  3. Khulna

Highest mountain peak

  • India – read here
  • Bangladesh – Tazing Dong (1,280 metres/4,200 ft)

Largest lake

  • India – Vembanad Lake
  • Bangladesh – Kaptai Lake

Major Rivers

  • India – Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Krishna, Indus, etc
  • Bangladesh – Padma, Brahmaputra, Meghna, Surma, Jamuna, etc


The GDP (nominal) of India is larger than Bangladesh’s GDP.


Flag of India
Flag of Bangladesh

Largest island

  • India – North Andaman (1,408 square kilometers)
  • Bangladesh – Bhola Island (1,441 square kilometers)
Areaaround 3.3 million square kilometers148,460 square kilometers
Populationclose to 1.41 billion (2022) (estimated)165 million (2022)
CurrencyIndian RupeeBangladeshi Taka
National AnimalTigerTiger
National TreeThe Banyan TreeThe Mango Tree
Most spoken languageHindiBengali (Bangla)
Capital cityNew DelhiDhaka
Largest cityMumbaiDhaka

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