Is Ukraine the largest country in Europe?

Europe is the third most populous continent on Earth home to approximately 750 million people. There are over 40 countries in Europe. Do you know which is the largest one? This can be a tricky question. Let’s learn.

Russia (total area – about 17.1 million square kilometers) the largest country in the world, has the majority of its area in Asia and a relatively smaller chunk in Europe. This smaller chunk is still larger than every European nation entirely within Europe. Kazakhstan (total area – about 2.7 million square kilometers) and Turkey (total area – 783,562 square kilometers) are two other large transcontinental countries with the majority of their area in Asia and a smaller chunk in Europe.

Is Ukraine the largest country in Europe?

Ukraine is the largest country entirely within Europe. Ukraine has an area of 603,628 square kilometers. If you consider transcontinental countries, Russia is the largest country in Europe followed by Kazakhstan.

Ukraine country profile

Area603,628 square kilometers
Population43 million
Coastline withBlack sea
National AnimalCommon nightingale
CurrencyUkrainian hryvnia
Major languagesUkrainian (official) and Russian
National flowerSunflower
Capital cityKyiv
Largest cityKyiv
Flag of Ukraine
Ukraine flag (Image by jorono from Pixabay)

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