Russia vs Canada | Russia and Canada – country comparison

Russia and Canada are the top 2 largest countries in the world. Both the countries being large and cold are often compared. Let’s compare these two countries.

Russia vs Canada – country comparison

Which country is larger, Russia or Canada?

Russia is 1.7 times larger in area than Canada.

  • Russia area – around 17.1 million square kilometers
  • Canada area – around 10 million square kilometers

Which country is more populous, Russia or Canada?

Russia is the ninth most populous country in the world. Canada is way down on the list.

  • Population of Russia – around 145 million
  • Population of Canada – around 40 million (2023)

Which country has more lakes, Russia or Canada?

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Population density

Both these countries are among the least densely populated countries.

  • Population density of Russia – 9 people per square kilometer
  • Population density of Canada – 4 people per square kilometer

Popular sports

  • Football, Bandy, Ice hockey, Tennis, and basketball are the most popular sports in Russia.
  • Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, football, baseball, cricket, and basketball are the most popular sports in Canada.

Highest mountain peak

  • Russia – Mount Elbrus (5,642 meters)
  • Canada – Mount Logan (5,959 meters)

Largest lake


  • Shared – Caspian sea
  • Entirely within Russia – Lake Baikal


  • Shared – Lake Superior
  • Entirely within Canada – Great Bear Lake

Largest island

  • Russia – Sakhalin (72,492 square kilometers/27,989 square miles)
  • Canada – Baffin island (507,450 square kilometers/195,927 square miles)

Most spoken Language

  • Russia – Russian
  • Canada – English and French

Capital city

  • Russia – Moscow
  • Canada – Ottawa

Top 5 largest cities


  1. Moscow
  2. Saint Petersburg
  3. Novosibirsk
  4. Yekaterinburg
  5. Kazan


  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Calgary
  4. Ottawa
  5. Edmonton


Canada and Russia have the eighth and ninth-largest GDPs in the world respectively.

Number of international borders

  • Canada – Canada-US border, Canada-Denmark border (on Hans Island)
  • Russia – 14 international borders (Read more here)

Major international airports


  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
  • Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow
  • Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg
  • Koltsovo Airport, Yekaterinburg
  • Tolmachevo Airport, Novosibirsk


  • Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport
  • Calgary International Airport
  • Montréal–Trudeau International Airport
  • Edmonton International Airport
Area~17.1 million sq km~10 million sq km
Populationaround 145 millionaround 40 million (2023)
ContinentAsia and Europe (transcontinental)North America
CurrencyRussian RubleCanadian dollar
Capital cityMoscowOttawa
Largest cityMoscowToronto
Official languageRussianEnglish and French
National AnimalEurasian brown bearBeaver and the Canadian Horse
Busiest airportSheremetyevo International Airport, MoscowToronto Pearson International Airport

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