Utah and Nevada – US states comparison | Utah vs Nevada

Utah and Nevada are two large states in western United States. The following is a comparison between these two states. Let’s read.

Utah and Nevada – US states comparison

Utah and Nevada on the US map
Utah and Nevada on the US map


Areaabout 84,900 square miles (219,880 square kilometers)about 110,600 square miles (286,380 square kilometers)
Area rank13th7th
Population 3.38 million (2022 estimate)3.18 million (2022 estimate)
Population rank in the US30th33rd
Capital CitySalt Lake CityCarson City
Largest CitySalt Lake CityLas Vegas
Became a state of the US4 January 189631 October 1864
NicknameThe Beehive StateThe Silver State

Geographical features

Highest mountain peakKings Peak (13,528 ft/4,123 meters)Boundary Peak (13,147 ft/4,007 meters)
Largest lakeThe Great Salt LakeLake Mead
RiversColorado River, Green River, Bear River, San Juan River, Dirty Devil River, Virgin River, etcColorado River, Humboldt River, Virgin River, Carson River, Truckee River, etc
BordersIdaho and Wyoming in the north, Colorado in the east, Arizona in the south, and Nevada in the westOregon and Idaho in the north, Utah in the east, California in the west and south, and Arizona in the southeast
RegionWestern United StatesWestern United States
International borderNo international borderNo international border
CoastlineNo coastlineNo coastline
Zion National Park in Utah
Zion National Park in Utah

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Places to visitZion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Salt Lake City, Canyonlands National Park, etc.Las Vegas, Great Basin National Park, Reno, Henderson, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, etc.
Number of National Parks52

Is Utah bigger than Nevada?

No, Utah is a smaller state as compared with Nevada. Utah and Nevada rank 13th and 7th in terms of area in the US.

Is Sierra Nevada in California or Nevada?

Sierra Nevada mountains lie primarily in California with a small part extending into Nevada.

Does Nevada border Mexico?


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