Which state has the most National Parks in the US?

The United States has over 60 National Parks. Most of these National Parks are located in the western United States. Do you know which state has the most National Parks? Let’s find out.

Which state has the most National Parks in the US?

California is the state with the most National Parks in the US. There are 9 National Parks in California. They are –

National Park of CaliforniaArea
1Channel Islands National Parkaround 390 square miles
2Death Valley National Parkaround 5,270 square miles
3Joshua Tree National Parkaround 1,240 square miles
4Kings Canyon National Parkaround 720 square miles
5Lassen Volcanic National Parkaround 165 square miles
6Pinnacles National Parkaround 42 square miles
7Redwood National and State Parksaround 170 square miles
8Sequoia National Parkaround 630 square miles
9Yosemite National Parkaround 1,170 square miles

Among these 9 National Parks in California, Death Valley National Park is the largest, and Yosemite National Park is the most visited.

Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park

After California, Alaska has the most National Parks. This is not a surprise. Alaska has 8 National Parks. Moreover, 7 of the top 10 largest National Parks in the US are in Alaska.

The 8 National Parks in Alaska are –

  1. Denali National Park
  2. Gates of the Arctic National Park
  3. Glacier Bay National Park
  4. Katmai National Park
  5. Kenai Fjords National Park
  6. Kobuk Valley National Park
  7. Lake Clark National Park
  8. Wrangell–St. Elias National Park (It is the largest National Park in Alaska and the United States.)
Denali peak in Denali National Park
Denali peak in Denali National Park

US States with more than 1 National Park

  1. California – 9 National Parks
  2. Alaska – 8 National Parks
  3. Utah – 5 National Parks
  4. Colorado – 4 National Parks
  5. Arizona – 3 National Parks
  6. Florida – 3 National Parks
  7. Washington – 3 National Parks
  8. Hawaii – 2 National Parks
  9. Montana – 2 National Parks
  10. Nevada – 2 National Parks
  11. New Mexico – 2 National Parks
  12. South Dakota – 2 National Parks
  13. Texas – 2 National Parks
  14. Wyoming – 2 National Parks

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