Wyoming and Montana – US states comparison

Wyoming and Montana are two large states in the Western United States. The following is a comparison between these two states. Let’s read.

Wyoming and Montana – US states comparison

Wyoming and Montana
Areaabout 97,800 square milesabout 147,050 square miles
Area rank104
Populationabout 577,000 (2020)about 1.1 million (2020)
Became a state of the USJuly 10, 1890November 8, 1889
Capital cityCheyenneHelena
Largest cityCheyenneBillings
Number of National Parks2 (Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park)2 (Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park)
NicknameBig Wyoming, Equality State, Cowboy StateBig Sky Country, The Treasure State
Highest natural pointGannett Peak (13,810 ft/4,210 meters)Granite Peak (12,807 ft/3,904 meters)
Popular places to visitYellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Hot Springs State Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Jackson town, etcGlacier National Park, Bozeman, Helena, Yellowstone National Park, Billings, etc
Bordering US statesSouth Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and MontanaNorth Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho
International BorderNoYes (with Canada)
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites12
Wyoming vs Montana – comparison table

Is Yellowstone National Park in Montana or Wyoming?

The area of Yellowstone National Park falls in three states – Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The majority area is in Wyoming.

Which state has a larger population, Montana or Wyoming?

Montana has a larger population as compared with Wyoming.

Are there Grizzly bears in Wyoming?

Yes, there are Grizzly bears in Wyoming.

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Are there Grizzly bears in Montana?

Yes, there is a large population of Grizzly bears in Montana.

Is Montana bigger than Texas?

No, Montana is smaller in area than Texas. Texas is the second largest US state while Montana is the fourth largest.

Is Montana hot or cold?

Montana is one of the coldest places in the United States with long and freezing winters.

What are the 6 states that border Wyoming?

South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

A valley in Montana

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