How many islands are there in Hawaii? | Number of Hawaiian islands

The Hawaiian Islands are an island group in the North Pacific Ocean. The archipelago consists of 8 major islands and nearly 130 smaller islets. The US state of Hawaii comprises every Hawaiian island except the Midway Atoll which is an unorganized unincorporated territory of the United States.

Number of islands in Hawaii

The 8 major islands of Hawaii are –

1Hawaii also known as the Big Island4,028 square miles (10,432.5 square kilometers)
2Maui727.2 square miles (1,883.4 square kilometers)
3Oahu596.7 square miles (1,545.4 square kilometers)
4Kauaiabout 552 square miles (1,430 square kilometers)
5Molokai260.0 square miles (673.4 square kilometers)
6Lanai140.5 square miles (363.9 square kilometers)
7Niihau69.5 square miles (180.0 square kilometers)
8Kahoʻolawe44.6 square miles (115.5 square kilometers)
An image showing Hawaiian islands
Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian islands are actually exposed tops of an underwater mountain range called the Hawaiian–Emperor seamount chain. The highest peak of the range is Mauna Kea which has an elevation of 4,207 meters (13,802 ft).

What is the largest island in Hawaii?

The Big Island/Hawaii Island is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is also the largest island in the United States.

When did Hawaii become a state of the US?

Hawaii joined the United States of America on 21 August 1959 as the 50th US state.

How far is Hawaii from the contiguous US?

The major Hawaiian islands are approximately 2,300 miles from the contiguous United States.

What is the highest natural point in Hawaii?

Mauna Kea (4,207 meters/13,802 ft) located on the Big Island (Hawaii island) is the highest natural point in the whole of Hawaii.

What is the capital of Hawaii state?

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii state. The city is located on Oahu island.

An image of Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

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