Indonesia and Malaysia – country comparison | Indonesia vs Malaysia

The following is a comparison between Indonesia and Malaysia, two countries in Southeast Asia. Let’s read.

Indonesia and Malaysia – country comparison

Which country is larger in area, Indonesia or Malaysia?

Indonesia is the largest country in southeast Asia. It is more than 5.7 times larger than Malaysia.

  • Area of Indonesia – approximately 1.9 million sq km
  • Area of Malaysia – approximately 329,850 sq km

Which country is more populous, Indonesia or Malaysia?

Indonesia is more populated as well as more densely populated as compared with Malaysia.

  • Population of Indonesia – over 275 million (2022)
  • Population of Malaysia – 32.5 million (2020)

Are there more islands in Indonesia or Malaysia?

Indonesia ranks among the countries with the most islands. In southeast Asia, it has the highest number of islands.

  • Number of islands in Indonesia – over 18,100
  • Number of islands in Malaysia – 878

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Areaapproximately 1.9 million sq kmapproximately 329,850 sq km
Populationover 275 million (2022)32.5 million (2020)
RegionSoutheast Asia and OceaniaSoutheast Asia
Most spoken languageIndonesian languageMalaysian Malay
Most popular sportFootball and BadmintonFootball and Badminton
Capital CityJakartaKuala Lumpur
Largest CityJakarta (Metro Population – 33.5 million/2021)Kuala Lumpur (Metro Population – around 7.5 million/2020)
CurrencyIndonesian RupiahMalaysian Ringgit
Highest mountainPuncak Jaya (4,884 m)Mount Kinabalu (4,095 m)
Type of governmentUnitary presidential republicFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Life expectancy (UN/2021)67.674.9
Largest Metropolitan areaJakarta metropolitan areaGreater Kuala Lumpur
Number of Islandsover 18,100878
Major RiversKapuas, Solo, Musi, Mahakam, Barito, Mamberamo, etcRajang, Kinabatangan, Pahang, Perak, Baram, Muar, etc
National AnimalKomodo dragonMalayan tiger
National BirdJavan hawk-eagleRhino hornbills
National FlowerMelati putih (Jasminum sambac)Hibiscus rosa-sinesis
Busiest AirportSoekarno–Hatta International Airport (serves Jakarta metropolitan area)Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Indonesia and Malaysia comparison table

Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Malaysia

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